Coffee Unleashed: Unearthing the Quirky and Unexpected Uses of the World's Favourite Brew!

Coffee Unleashed: Unearthing the Quirky and Unexpected Uses of the World's Favourite Brew!

From Cherry to Instant Coffee: Unveiling the Colombian Arabica Coffee Journey

Colombia, a land of picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture, is also home to some of the finest Arabica coffee cherries in the world.

Join us on a journey to uncover the fascinating facts about these cherished beans and the meticulous process that turns them into the delightful freeze-dried instant coffee we know and love as Quokka Coffee.


  • 7 Colombian Coffee Facts
  • From Cherries to Freeze-Dried
  • The Freeze-Drying process

7 Colombian Coffee Facts


Embark on an ethical and sustainable journey with us as we dive deep into the heart warming stories behind these cherished beans. Together, we'll explore the meticulous and eco-friendly process that lovingly crafts them into the delightful freeze-dried instant coffee we know and adore as Quokka Coffee.

Throughout our adventure, we'll shine a light on the ethical practices that support the farmers, the environment, and the communities involved in this coffee's production. From fair trade partnerships to eco-conscious sourcing, every step is taken with the utmost care and respect for the planet and its people.

So, grab your reusable mugs and join us in exploring the delicious flavours of Quokka Coffee while knowing you're supporting a product that leaves a positive impact on the world. Let's sip responsibly and toast to a brighter, more sustainable future! ☕️🌍

1. Elevating Altitudes: The Heights of Flavour

Nestled amidst high-altitude regions, typically ranging from 4,000 to 6,000 feet above sea level, Colombian Arabica coffee cherries flourish in a unique climate and mountainous terrain. These natural conditions lend a distinctive flavour profile to the beans, setting them apart from other coffee varieties.

2. Handpicked Perfection: The Art of Selective Harvesting

The quest for top-notch quality begins with the careful hands of skilled Colombian farmers. The art of handpicking coffee cherries ensures that only the ripest ones are plucked from the coffee trees. This labour-intensive process guarantees superior beans, infused with distinct flavours that will soon grace your coffee cup.

3. Sustainable Cultivation: Nurturing Nature's Bounty

Colombia takes immense pride in its eco-friendly coffee cultivation practices. Many coffee farms in the country embrace sustainable methods, including shade-grown techniques, which not only yield exceptional coffee but also preserve natural habitats and promote biodiversity.

4. Unravelling the "Quokka" Connection

Ever wondered about the quirky name "Quokka Coffee"? While Colombia isn't home to these adorable, smiling marsupials native to Australia, the brand might just be inspired by their joyful, positive vibes. Quokka Coffee promises to bring that same cheerfulness into your coffee-drinking experience.

5. Rich Flavour Notes: A Symphony for Your Senses

Colombian Arabica coffee cherries boast an orchestra of flavour that dance on your taste buds. From bright citrus and fruity undertones to enchanting hints of chocolate and caramel, each sip offers a captivating taste experience that leaves you yearning for more.

6. A Cultural Heritage: Recognized by UNESCO

The significance of coffee cultivation in Colombia runs deep in the nation's heritage. In 2011, UNESCO acknowledged the cultural value of the "Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia," designating it as a World Heritage site. This recognition honours the country's long-standing relationship with coffee and its integral role in shaping Colombian identity.

7. Single-Origin Beans: Embrace the Uniqueness

Many Colombian Arabica coffee varieties proudly wear the badge of "single-origin beans." This distinction signifies that they hail from a specific region or farm, allowing coffee enthusiasts to explore the distinct flavours that each unique coffee-growing area in Colombia has to offer.

From Cherries to Freeze-Dried Perfection: Quokka Coffee Unleashed

With a wealth of intriguing facts about Colombian Arabica coffee cherries, your coffee adventure isn't complete without the enchanting taste of Quokka Coffee. Crafted with utmost care, from the handpicked cherries to the delicate freeze-drying process, Quokka Coffee preserves the essence of Colombia's coffee legacy in every instant granulated cup.

​What is the Freeze-Drying process??

The coffee freeze-drying process, also known as lyophilization, is a method used to preserve the flavour, aroma, and characteristics of coffee while removing most of its moisture content. It is a common technique for producing instant coffee.

Here's an overview of the coffee freeze-drying process:

1. Freezing:

The process begins by brewing fresh coffee and then rapidly cooling it to a very low temperature, usually below freezing point. This step helps retain the volatile compounds responsible for coffee's unique aroma and flavour.

2. Formation of Ice Crystals:

Once the coffee is frozen, it is subjected to a vacuum, which causes the frozen water within the coffee to undergo a process called sublimation. Sublimation is when a solid (ice) transforms directly into a gas (water vapor) without passing through a liquid state.

3. Dehydration:

The frozen coffee is placed in a freeze-drying machine, where the ice crystals turn into water vapor and escape from the coffee. This process dehydrates the coffee while preserving its original taste and characteristics.

4. Collection:

The water vapor is then collected and removed from the machine, leaving behind the freeze-dried coffee with minimal moisture content.

5. Granulation:

The freeze-dried coffee is typically ground into fine particles to create the familiar granulated texture of instant coffee.

The coffee freeze-drying process is highly efficient in preserving the taste and aroma of the coffee. When you add hot water to the freeze-dried coffee granules, they quickly rehydrate, releasing the coffee's full flavour and giving you a convenient and enjoyable cup of coffee in an instant. This method has made instant coffee a popular choice for many coffee lovers around the world due to its convenience and consistent taste.

Join us in savouring the splendour of Colombian Arabica coffee cherries and delight in the captivating experience that Quokka Coffee brings to your coffee ritual. Embrace the warmth of this exceptional brew from one of the world's most renowned coffee regions and elevate your coffee journey to new heights! ☕️🌿

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